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Details; It's what we build.

Everything from detailed site plan to resource efficient materials. That is what makes up the the eventual Certified Green Building Certificate.

Outdoor living spaces are as important to the design of a custom home as indoor spaces. Decks, porches and terraces expand the living area and link the interior to nature. As with the interior, these exterior spaces become rooms, and details are critical.

Extending your lifestyle into the outdoor space beyond your porch can be a creative and fun endeavor. A pergola, a trellis, a garden shed with picket fence and gate, a stone stairway cascading down to a natural pond; these structures can be whimsical and full of personality.

Stairways combine an important function with an opportunity to add sculptural beauty and visual impact. The style options are almost limitless provided the stairs and railings meet the rigorous standards set forth in the building code. A well-detailed stairway can add drama and character.

Interior trim is the “icing on the cake”, expressing your taste in fine detailing. As simple or as ornate as you feel like being, it allows your home to announce who lives here. Door and window casing in the style you love, it all comes together to make your home both beautiful and distinctive.

We remodel and renovate and build additions. Many of our satisfied owners, who have lived in their homes for a number of years, ask us to remodel: add a porch, create a mudroom, or build a garden shed and pergola.

The hearth is the classic centerpiece of "home" in the traditional sense. It conjures up warmth, security and a sense of place. As a custom builder, Smith & Robertson pays particular attention to the detailing of a fireplace.

The kitchen is the busiest and most important room in the house. It influences our family life, our connection with other rooms and our attitudes towards food. A chance to design the perfect kitchen is an exciting challenge and the design/build process offers a unique opportunity to get it right.

As personal and private as bathrooms are in a house, we all want them to be beautiful and functional. Ceramic tile, stone, wainscot paneling, tubs, showers, windows, cabinetry, lavatory sinks and floors all work together to make your bath personal and special.

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